Passenger transport

  • Clean and hygienic passenger compartment
  • Wifi use for passengers
  • Climate-controlled, safe vehicles

Travelling with us is pleasant,making travel arrangements is easy

We now have a total of 80 comfortable passenger transport vehicles of various sizes, to ensure that we have the most suitable vehicle for every occasion, to the satisfaction of our partners. We keep the vehicles clean and hygienic inside and out, which contributes to a pleasant journey, and of course we keep the cabin thoroughly heated in winter and cooled in summer with air conditioning, and provide a WiFi network for maximum comfort. Our professionally trained management staff will help you set up the terms and conditions of a contracted employee flight or arrange a one-off special, and our experienced drivers will steer your vehicle and its passengers to their destination with precision.

Hire contracted employee flights simply

We can help you organise your employees’ journeys and provide them with a stable and reliable commute at predictable costs to ensure their satisfaction. It is important to us that our scheduled services always arrive on time, follow the shortest possible route and make passengers, i.e. employees, feel as comfortable as possible during their journey. We help you plan your routes, arrange the best vehicle based on the number of passengers, and our experienced drivers get your employees from home to work and back safely.

Request a separate transfer for one-off occasions

A company outing or a visit abroad is one of the many occasions when you may need to book a bus ride. Whether you are looking to hire a minibus for a small group or organise a whole class trip, you can ask us for a quote.

  • Domestic transfer
  • International transfer
  • Company trip
  • Transport of sports teams

Our priority is safe and fast travel

Our vehicles are regularly serviced and overhauled in our own workshop, so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns on your journey. We take great care to ensure safe driving, brakes, and tires are always in perfect condition and are replaced regularly. It is particularly important to us that you travel in our buses and coaches in a clean and hygienic environment, and that they are in good overall technical condition.

Full service in travel organisation

Choose a professional and experienced partner for your journey. It’s easy to organise and manage your trip, costs can be planned and passengers will be satisfied. There are no hidden costs, we provide accurate and transparent cost accounting, so you can plan your trip. Our dedicated staff will help you work out the details, are always available, and communicate effectively, so it doesn’t take days or even weeks to organize the transfer. You can travel in young and high-quality buses in maximum comfort, meeting all your needs for a pleasant journey.

Getting a quote for your special transporting needsis so easy and quick

Provide information to contact you and the delivery addresses

Our colleague will contact you if the contract needed to be specified

We provide you with a proposal and details

In case the contract is accepted we fulfill the task