We are proud to present the newest vehicles in our fleet, the first four trucks representing our acquisitions this year. They are already refuelled and waiting at our premises to embark on their first journey. The new design is very appealing, much improved technically compared to the last generation, and they have also become more comfortable. We are constantly evolving and developing to ensure we have the most efficient and environmentally friendly tools for the job, and while we love all the exciting new features and extras, it’s the safety equipment that most impresses us and ensures a safe journey for our colleagues.

The first four have arrived and we’ll be taking delivery of a further thirty-six of these beautiful latest series DAF XF 480 tractors in the coming weeks. Again this year, we have made it a priority to replace the oldest vehicles in our current fleet with new ones, and to continue to deliver more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient and safer vehicles thanks to modern technologies.