The foundation was set up by Rudolf Horváth and Erika Horváthné Pók as private individuals, primarily out of a determination to support disadvantaged workers.

Information about the Horváth Rudolf Foundation:

Head office: 3000 Hatvan, Robert Bosch út 3.

Registration number: 10-01-0001166

VAT number: 19037370-1-10

Bank account: 10700299-70812671-51100005 (CIB)


The Foundation provides support to people in need during periods of incapacity due to illness, and to help workers to cope with hardship caused by circumstances beyond their control or death.

Their grants all go to help people in need and their families:

Please make your donations to the following bank account number (10700299-70812671-51100005) and mention the word donation in the message. If you would like to support a specific charity and one of our news items, please include a comment in the communication with the call for entries.

Support needs:

The members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees decide on the many charitable causes in which we intend to provide selfless assistance, and requests and appeals for attention to causes in need of support can be made by email to


From the shared news section, the articles in the Foundation category are displayed, mostly only the most recent by three dates, and clicking on the More news button displays the Foundation filtered page of the news section.

More about the foundation:

The Foundation’s objectives, as detailed in its articles of association:

Social support, assistance for the needy, disadvantaged workers and members of their families in socially difficult situations, and assistance for disabled and old-age pensioners.

It supports workers in need to make up part of their loss of income during their incapacity for work.

Support for workers to alleviate damage caused by other circumstances beyond their control.

Support for a dependent worker in the event of the death of a relative or support for a relative in the event of the death of the worker.

Preventing road traffic offences, helping the victims of accidents, mitigating the damages and payment obligations incurred in this context.

To support initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving health at work, protecting the health of workers and improving it if it deteriorates.

Building and maintaining a clean working environment for employees, supporting the improvement and development of the working environment.

It supports workers in need and their dependants in order to cover part of the cost of their medical treatment and medicines.

Support for the education of dependants of workers in need.

Organising professional and other events and training.

To organise and support various programmes and sports activities for needy employees and their families to spend their free time in a cultural way.

Carry out advocacy work.

Operation of the Foundation:

Erika Horváthné Pók and Rudolf Horváth provided the foundation with an initial endowment.

It is the duty of the Board of Trustees to continuously increase and manage the assets of the Foundation, which may be used only and exclusively in accordance with the Foundation’s objectives.

The aim of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation is to continuously expand its activities in accordance with the Foundation’s objectives, and with the help of the Foundation’s supporters it can help workers in need in as many areas of life as possible, including health protection, professional training, assistance for workers’ family members (schooling, medical treatment of children…), legal protection, etc.


Board of Trustees of the Horváth Rudolf Foundation