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More than 110.000 square meters of logistics place are available for our partners in four different locations where you can claim the service needed. Our modern facilities and helpful and experienced colleagues provide the solution for the most complex tasks. After docking to the ramp forklifts and lifting machines start to work and the goods are being stored with high precision and with care. Our administration depends on our IT system and it documents every aspect of the logistics processes. We provide the needed information to our partners and we can share and give insight into current stock or current status. Reliable logistics background for your company

  • Outstanding capacity
  • Customer-friendly attitude
  • Well developed processes

Reliable logistics background for your company

Our expertise and optimized processes support our partners. Our goal is to simplify our partner’s tasks and grow the efficiency of their logistics tasks to increase their competitiveness. Our intention, in the long run, is to build mutually beneficial business relationships. Our service can also provide freight forwarding and passenger transport. We have insight into manufacturing and trading company’s on a wide spectrum and it helps us the assessment of future needs and makes us able to provide personalized service. It’s very important to us to always serve the interest of our customers.

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation

A wide range of logistics servicesto meet the most diverse needs:

We have a wide variety of logistics services available to choose from. Our developments are aimed to serve the changing needs of our partners. We can handle the complete logistics task of a manufacturing or trading company and also optimize and make it more cost-efficient. Depending on storing raw material or finished products and implementation of logistics principles like Kanban, Fifo, Lifo, JIT, by taking part in organizing the production and distribution process, we contribute to the cost-effective operation of your company with our services. A flexible and customer-centric attitude helps flawless cooperation and our experienced colleagues give you the benefit to handle the logistics of your company with the least amount of effort.

  • Cross docking
  • Comissioning
  • Selection
  • Picking
  • Repackaging
  • Labeling

Customs administration

Our company has the possibility of clearing both export and import goods arriving or departing by any means of transport (road, rail, air, post). Based on our existing authorizations, we have many years of experience in simplified, fully local customs clearance without the need for the presence of the NAV. In the case of consignments that can only be cleared with the authorization/presence of the NAV, we also offer full customs clearance without the need for an exporter/importer to be accompanied by an administrator.

Storage methods

Our experts, infrastructure, and equipment are all at your disposal, whatever the storage method, whether palletized or bulk, we can handle, store and run the necessary logistics processes. We have narrow aisle high bay warehouses, standard size racking, and dedicated manual warehouses, and can accommodate one type of product or a wide range of products, even raw materials.

  • Static Shelving
  • Pallet Racking
  • Wire Partitions

The highest level of protectionfor the safe storage of your goods

We take several measures to ensure the safety of the goods you entrust to us and store with us, with our logistics centers protected by 24-hour security and equipped with CCTV surveillance. The buildings are also fire-protected, with smoke detectors and sprinkler extinguishing systems being a priority. Our efforts are focused on providing maximum security for the building and the products stored there.

  • Security service
  • Security camera system
  • Protection against unauthorized access

Serving our partners for more than 30 years

Over the years, we have worked with prominent companies in Hungary and Europe, providing the transport and logistics background for their efficient operations. We are proud of the success we have achieved together and we consider our partners, who have constantly pushed us to develop and innovate the best services, as the driving force behind our development.

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