We bought our first truck in 1986, which was the start of our career in the freight transport business, and a few years later we were also involved in international transport. The Horváth Rudolf Intertransport Kft. was established in 1995 and is still a Hungarian-owned company, owned by Rudolf Horváth and his wife Erika Horváthné Pók. We now have more than 320 transport vehicles in operation and over 110,000 square meters of logistics and other real estates, providing a total of 630 employees with a stable workplace.

Our main activities include international freight forwarding, a wide range of logistics services and passenger transport. We now have a total of four different locations and logistics centers across the country, covering many regions and municipalities, providing services to both local and international companies. Our central office is located in Hatvan, in the immediate vicinity of the M3 motorway, and our logistics centres in Gyöngyös, Nyírbátor and Hegyeshalom are also easily accessible. It is also important that we are located in a busy and colourful environment that is home to many businesses, and that we have many partnerships with companies in the region.

We continuously monitor our own performance and measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis to maintain the high quality of service we provide and to serve our partners at an ever higher level. We regularly listen to our employees and support initiatives to improve the company. We take responsibility for the services we provide, for our colleagues and for our environment and society, and we strive to be a company that is sustainable and delivers outstanding results in the long term.

Corporate culture and values

From the very beginning, hard and diligent work has been the most important value-creating activity. In line with basic social norms and values, we must and do work honestly, persistently, purposefully and actively to provide useful services that create value and best serve our partners. and we expect ourselves and our colleagues to use their skills and knowledge effectively in the service of our common interests, and to look creatively and critically at the opportunities before us. We create rules and an environment that allows ideas of excellence and innovation to flourish. We aim to operate sustainably and efficiently in the long term, providing our partners with the quality of service they expect and our colleagues with a secure background and stable jobs.

Our owners' charitable activities

The owners of our company have set up a private and charitable foundation primarily to support disadvantaged workers. The purpose of the foundation is to provide support to alleviate loss of earnings due to illness or through no fault of their own, for example to pay compensation for an accident.



Purchase of the first truck and start of goods transport


The internationalisation of freight transport services


Horváth Rudolf Intertransport Kft. was established.


Establishment of our premises in Gyöngyös


Opening of the warehouse of the logistics centre in Gyöngyös


Establishing logistics services in Hatvan


Relocation of our Head Office to Hatvan


Complete renovation of headquarters, site development


Creation of a logistics centre in Hegyeshalom


Conversion and development of Hegyeshalom logistics centre


Conversion and development of Hegyeshalom logistics centre


Development and expansion of Hatvan logistics park





Number ofvehicles





Family business

Founded in 1995

TOP100 company