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We would like to bring your attention to the available capacity of the Horváth Rudolf Logistics Park in (HUN) – Hegyeshalom and would like to offer our partners the opportunity to rent a hall and use our logistics services.


The location is ideal, as the building is located right next to the “Hegyeshalom” exit of the M1 motorway, and the border crossing points with Austria and Slovakia are only a few minutes away. The hall measures almost 50,000 square metres, part of which is leased and part of which is used for our own logistics services. The building is secured by 24-hour guard protection and a CCTV system covering the entire area.

The main advantage of the Logistics Park is therefore its location and size, which allows for a wide range of uses and operations, as detailed below.

Business opportunities and potential

Our hall and the company behind it will give you the progress and development you expect. Our capacity is available and can be rented from 10 to 25,000 square meters with the full background needed to prepare the property for operation as intended. We can also use our own logistics resources and provide storage, warehousing and other services. Realising your business intentions and goals is our priority and our colleagues look forward to hearing from you individually to develop the best conditions for your business and help it grow.

Rent a hall

  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Production or storage
  • Well-maintained environment

Our halls offer the possibility to be rented for external operation by any of our partners. Within this, the hall can be used for logistics and warehousing, or an industrial manufacturing plant can be set up in our halls. Although the use varies, the tenant will find in us a caring landlord, subject to the terms of the agreement, we will take care of periodic building maintenance, provide security and conditions for the protection of valuables, and keep the environment tidy and well-kept. Thus, in a rented hall, it is really only necessary to concentrate on the activity that corresponds to the purpose for which it is intended.

If required, we will make the necessary adaptations, i.e. we will enclose and fence the rented area and provide social rooms. It is also possible to rent the hall completely empty or furnished, i.e. we can provide storage equipment, shelving and furniture for office space. We will endeavour to reorganise the resources available to us according to the needs of the partner, so that they can operate comfortably in our halls under ideal conditions.


  • Flexible services
  • Modern equipment
  • Modern infrastructure

Our warehouse also offers the possibility of high storage and block storage. All the necessary resources are available to store large quantities of raw materials and even finished products. The hall can be heated and cooled, and the indoor temperature can be controlled. Our partner can set up and run the warehouse independently, but we can also provide the right conditions for the goods, the tools and staff to move them, the equipment and the administration processes. Depending on the order, we also provide other services such as picking, packing, sorting, repacking or labelling.

Transport as a related service

Regardless of how the hall is used, the fact that our transport department has a large number of vehicles on the site every day, so we can provide the opportunity to move incoming and outgoing goods, practically in the most flexible way and in the shortest possible time. So our partners who use the capacity of our warehouse, either as a rented, self-operated facility or for logistics services and warehousing, benefit when their unexpected transport needs require an immediate solution.

Complex logistics service package, what we do best

We can deliver the best performance when we carry out a complex logistical process on behalf of our partners, using the full range of our services. An example of such a process is when, in a first step, the receipt of raw materials from the manufacturing company is handled by one of our logistics centres, and from there our own vehicles deliver the stored materials to the production site at the required frequency and in the quantities and at the times required. On site, we provide the personnel and background for transhipment and placement in the production building, i.e. we also manage the local logistics processes of the company. Our colleagues also handle the finished products and arrange for their removal and storage, and we also play a role in the distribution process, transporting them to their destination.

We can be involved in every logistical process associated with manufacturing and our many contract partners are proof that we do this effectively. This is down to our experience and expertise, and our client-focused approach.

Our Team

As a family business, we work together with great harmony. We believe in complex solutions and the power of community, which is why over the years we have developed a very close-knit team who can work together to overcome the most complex problems. Combining our expertise and knowledge, we dedicate our work and time to serve our partners and provide answers and solutions to as many questions as possible in the field of logistics and transport.

We operate sophisticated systems to continuously monitor and control our business processes, measure our efficiency on a regular basis and strive to achieve the maximum to deliver the best results at the lowest cost and the best quality service at the best price.

We focus on quality. Most important to us is to accurately assess our partner’s needs and do our best to do what we can, where and when it is expected and necessary, to deliver the greatest value. For our part, we are willing to make the necessary sacrifice and investment, and have done so consistently throughout the development of our company,

The immeasurable empathy and collaborative spirit that our colleagues demonstrate when working together is invaluable, and we all know that we need to be understanding and forward-thinking in order to build and maintain a successful business relationship over the long term.


Our Sales Director is directly available to customers with serious enquiries, ensuring that your enquiry is answered by a competent and knowledgeable person and processed as quickly as possible.

We assure you that the professional knowledge and experience of our colleague Ambrus Simonyai has evolved over the years as he has worked his way up the ranks to his current position, and he is at your disposal to introduce you to our logistics services and to inform you about our current available capacity. The main objective is to find out how we can best serve your goals, work out the details of the collaboration and implement your mutually agreed plans to help your company grow.

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