Catalyst and DPF cleaning service

If the DPF becomes clogged, the vehicle may give a fault signal, performance will be reduced, fuel consumption will increase and further failures may result from careless maintenance. We therefore regularly clean our own DPF and catalytic converter units and those sent to us by our partners, using specially purchased equipment with technology recognised by car manufacturers.

We believe that a complete cleaning and washing, carried out by dismantling, leads to the best results and restores the filter to its factory condition, which makes a visible, but most noticeable difference in operation.

We advise you to have your filter, which is ripe for maintenance and has been in service for at least 5 years or 200,000 kilometres, cleaned by us on our automated equipment to maintain its factory condition and achieve maximum operational safety.

Modern equipment for perfect cleaning

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Factory condition

We clean catalytic converters and DPF filters using an advanced and non-destructive method. Our equipment makes the process faster and more efficient compared to other methods, shortening the previous 24-hour cleaning cycle to a maximum of 2 hours and performing regeneration in a gentle way without damaging the material. At the end of the process, factory condition and permeability are achieved.

The cleaning process

The catalytic converter or DPF filter, depending on its size, is set up and fixed inside the machine and the connections to the equipment are fitted. The first phase starts with measuring and testing to determine the washing time and the amount of additives required. Depending on the size and condition of the DPF, the washing intensity and pressure varies, so the process can take up to 45 minutes, or up to 120 minutes for a truck.

During washing, the equipment uses a special solvent, a cleaning agent, to remove oil precipitates, carbon particles and other contaminants in the air adhering to the filter, both solid and liquid. The detergent used is therefore the one prescribed by the factory and of the highest quality available, ensuring that the machine works properly and is perfectly efficient for cleaning catalytic converters.

We continuously monitor and control the washing process, making adjustments to the machine parameters if necessary, and the result is a catalytic converter or DPF filter with the same efficiency as the original factory condition. equipment, we can also carry out cleaning and drying, so that at the end of the process, the part is ready for immediate installation.

There is a final check at the end of the process, a measurement of the condition of the catalyst at the end of the wash is taken and a certificate is provided. This includes the pre-wash and post-wash measurement data, i.e. the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet sides of the catalyst.

Ordering process

The filters must be delivered to us already dismantled, either in person or by courier. Of course, if you place an order, you have the option of having us deliver the parts to you, in which case we will send the courier to you, and for our partners we will collect and return the parts in our own vehicles.

Lead time

It takes 1-2 hours to clean the filter, so the time needed to complete the job depends on the number of orders in the queue. We start cleaning in the order in which they are received and prepare the filters on the same day. When ordering, we always provide information on the current capacity and cleaning time.

Price list

Passenger car:

29.000 FT.

Van and van:

35.000 FT.

Truck and bus:

56.000 Ft

Prices are net unit prices for cleaning one filter. Our price list includes cleaning costs calculated according to vehicle category and filter size, cleaning time and detergent usage. We offer volume discounts to our partners for longer-term contracts.

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Partner customer service

Our service administrator is available to our partners on weekdays and during working hours to ensure the delivery of DPF filters, provide feedback on current workflows and account for the cleaning work carried out.

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Frequently asked questions

Based on most manufacturers’ specifications and experience, the filter surface of DPF and catalytic converter units can become significantly clogged over 5 years of use. In many cases, the vehicle will give the driver a fault signal when maintenance or replacement is essential, and it is worth preventing this and cleaning it regularly.

A clogged DPF filter will damage the engine, sometimes causing a significant loss of power. Fuel consumption may increase and the life of an engine operating under higher loads may be reduced. The filter unit itself can also be damaged, which can be prevented by a cleaning and maintenance operation, saving the high cost of replacement. In summary, cleaning is necessary for efficient operation.

In most cases, the particulate filter can be fully restored by cleaning, removing soot and dirt to achieve factory condition. However, if the unit is damaged, leaks, or the filter cartridge is burnt through, a complete overhaul or replacement of the entire unit is required.

We have a wide range of brands and types that we have cleaned and can clean. If contacted, we will provide information.

At our premises, the DPF filter can be delivered in disassembled condition and, if required, the cleaning can be waited for, depending on the type, from 1 to 3 hours. If distance makes it more convenient to send it, we will send a courier service to collect the part. And for our contract partners, we send our own truck to pick up the filters you need cleaned.

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