The Importance of Transitioning to Green Energy for Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Our company is committed to environmental protection and considers it important to uphold sustainability principles in its operations. The company has recently launched a new and exciting initiative that focuses on ‘greening’ our truck fleet. This project not only serves the purpose of environmental conservation but also brings significant long-term benefits to the company.


With the initiative to ‘green’ our truck fleet, we have launched an endeavor aimed at environmental protection and embracing a sustainable future. Currently, the project is in a testing phase, which is why we have initiated the greening process with two trucks. Our company is continuously seeking greener and more sustainable solutions both now and in the future.


As a leading transportation company, we believe it is crucial for us to play a significant role in promoting sustainable development. Our greening project provides an opportunity for us to take even greater responsibility in environmental matters and eventually assume a leading position in the utilization of green energy.

The five important factors of a solar panel system are

  1. Reduction in Fuel Consumption:

    With the installation of solar panels by Green Energy, during rest periods or idle time, there is no need to keep the trucks idling. This can result in saving a minimum of 50 liters of fuel per month, even in the short term.

  2. Extended Capacity of Vehicle Batteries:

    We can triple the lifespan of the batteries by not allowing them to discharge below 50% through the use of a charge controller, and by utilizing trickle charging as a means of regeneration.

  3. Reducing CO2 Emissions:

    Through greening efforts, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles, contributing to a reduction in environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Increased Flexibility:

    Green vehicles make the business more flexible as they can operate for longer periods even in idle mode, reducing dependence on traditional fuel consumption.

  5. Always Green Energy:

    Thanks to the solar panel system, we are always utilizing green energy, which further contributes to the use of sustainable energy sources.

  6. Summary 

    • Reducing CO2 emissions
    • Reducing fuel consumption
    • Extended battery lifespan
    • Always utilizing green energy
    • Increased flexibility – anywhere, anytime

The top view of installed solar panel systems