Our developments will continue this year

Zsolt Réz: Infrastructure Development is the Key to Logistics Excellence

As a logistics company, we understand the importance of having the infrastructure to meet the growing needs of our partners. We have long planned to build our own resources to ensure we have the capacity to manage our own operations and better serve our partners. In recent years we have built thousands of square metres of warehouse space, and this year we will continue to develop it.

At our company, we believe that having control over our infrastructure allows us to be more flexible and responsive to market changes. By building our own warehouses from our own resources, we are not dependent on anyone else and can respond quickly to our partners’ expansion needs. We pride ourselves on having the heavy machinery and skilled team to handle the process in-house, ensuring we can keep up with demand for our services.

The team and I have been working feverishly since the beginning of January to complete the tasks involved in building our new warehouse, and we look forward to unveiling the final result in the coming months.

We are committed to providing our partners with the best possible logistics solutions. Our investment in infrastructure development demonstrates this commitment, and we are confident that our new R9 warehouse will help us to better serve our partners and grow our business.

*HRI: We thank our colleagues for their hard work and look forward to more updates on this exciting project. In the meantime, take a look at our video showing some snapshots of the start of construction on our latest building.

ZSOLT RÉZ – Construction Manager

HRI - 20 Years of the Gyöngyös Logistics

We are proud to announce that Gyöngyös Logistics is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The R1 warehouse was built in 2003.

“Gyöngyös Logistics – Your partner for optimal warehousing and logistics solutions”

Over the years, we have worked together with outstanding companies in Hungary and Europe, providing them with efficient transportation and logistics support for their operations. We take pride in the successes achieved together and consider our partners as the driving force behind our growth, continuously challenging us to develop and innovate in delivering the highest quality services.

The successes and development infrastructure achieved over the past 20 years

We are delighted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Gyöngyösi Logistics site, which has undergone significant changes and developments over the past decade. During this period, we have placed special emphasis on enhancing and maintaining the corporate infrastructure of our site to ensure efficient operations and competitiveness

The first step was a complete renovation of the interior space. The offices, meeting rooms, dining area, and social facilities were equipped with new flooring and furniture, creating a modern and pleasant working environment for our employees. The refreshed interior spaces enhance the comfort and satisfaction of our workforce.

Another significant area of development at the facility was the replacement of the machinery fleet. Over the past years, we have gradually replaced some of the old machinery with new reach trucks and counterbalance forklifts. This modernization has increased the efficiency of our storage and transportation processes, allowing our employees to perform their tasks more easily and quickly.

The expansion of the facility has also been crucial for our competitiveness. We have constructed a new tent warehouse, occupying an area of 2200 square meters. The tent warehouse features narrow-aisle racking systems and block storage spaces, enabling efficient and organized storage. This expansion has resulted in a significant increase in our capacity, allowing us to store and handle even larger quantities of goods.

The Gyöngyösi Logisztika facility proudly looks back on the past 20 years, during which we have made significant advancements in the development and maintenance of our corporate infrastructure. Through these innovations and expansions, we have improved the working environment, enhanced the efficiency of our machinery fleet, and increased our storage capacity.

Our company celebrated the round number with team-building programs.

The Gyöngyösi Logisztika site celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special team-building program. The event aimed to strengthen the relationships among employees and celebrate collective achievements, while also reminding us of the progress made at our site and the importance of maintaining our company infrastructure.

The participants first headed to the Mátra Ring go-kart track, where they engaged in exciting races against each other behind the wheels of go-karts. The moments filled with speed and adrenaline strengthened the unity of the team and fueled their competitive spirit.

After go-karting, the next activity was held at the Paintball field, where thrilling team games awaited our employees.


After everyone had rested from the “exertions,” they moved on to the neighboring Farkasmályi Regélő Borház és Csárda, and it was time for wine tasting, where participants had the chance to sample unique local wines.

The team-building day concluded with a wonderful dinner at Farkasmályi Regélő Borház és Csárda. Filled with local specialties and delicious dishes, the dinner provided an ideal opportunity for the team to gather and discuss the day’s events.

The team-building program offered a fantastic opportunity for the employees of Gyöngyösi logisztika telephely to unwind and enjoy themselves. Through active recreation and shared time, the program helped strengthen team cohesion while celebrating the 20th anniversary of our place.

Here are the photos capturing the moments of our team building program

Photos taken by: Szklenár Gergő – Gyöngyösi Raktárvezető helyettes

Green Trucks in HRI: Our Commitment Towards Sustainability

The Importance of Transitioning to Green Energy for Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Our company is committed to environmental protection and considers it important to uphold sustainability principles in its operations. The company has recently launched a new and exciting initiative that focuses on ‘greening’ our truck fleet. This project not only serves the purpose of environmental conservation but also brings significant long-term benefits to the company.


With the initiative to ‘green’ our truck fleet, we have launched an endeavor aimed at environmental protection and embracing a sustainable future. Currently, the project is in a testing phase, which is why we have initiated the greening process with two trucks. Our company is continuously seeking greener and more sustainable solutions both now and in the future.


As a leading transportation company, we believe it is crucial for us to play a significant role in promoting sustainable development. Our greening project provides an opportunity for us to take even greater responsibility in environmental matters and eventually assume a leading position in the utilization of green energy.

The five important factors of a solar panel system are

  1. Reduction in Fuel Consumption:

    With the installation of solar panels by Green Energy, during rest periods or idle time, there is no need to keep the trucks idling. This can result in saving a minimum of 50 liters of fuel per month, even in the short term.

  2. Extended Capacity of Vehicle Batteries:

    We can triple the lifespan of the batteries by not allowing them to discharge below 50% through the use of a charge controller, and by utilizing trickle charging as a means of regeneration.

  3. Reducing CO2 Emissions:

    Through greening efforts, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles, contributing to a reduction in environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Increased Flexibility:

    Green vehicles make the business more flexible as they can operate for longer periods even in idle mode, reducing dependence on traditional fuel consumption.

  5. Always Green Energy:

    Thanks to the solar panel system, we are always utilizing green energy, which further contributes to the use of sustainable energy sources.

  6. Summary 

    • Reducing CO2 emissions
    • Reducing fuel consumption
    • Extended battery lifespan
    • Always utilizing green energy
    • Increased flexibility – anywhere, anytime

The top view of installed solar panel systems

We got a new test vehicle and we tried it out

Pók Milán: Renault Trucks T High 480 and the importance of testing and development

Short video and photos at the end of the article ->

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is essential to be brave and embrace new experiences. This is particularly true in transport, where innovation and development are the driving forces. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be open to new ideas and ready to try new things. By testing new vehicles and technologies, we can find out how they perform and identify areas for improvement, building on our experience to implement new technologies effectively.

About the Renault Trucks T High 480 test truck

At first glance, the Renault Trucks T High 480 boasts a modern design that is both elegant and aerodynamic. The body of the truck is made of good quality materials and the build quality is up to expectations, with a trapezoidal cab. The aerodynamic design not only looks good, but also helps to improve fuel efficiency. The cab is spacious and well-equipped, providing a seemingly comfortable ride for the driver, and we will be testing the ergonomics in the long run. There’s a multi-adjustable steering column, a pull-out table in front of the swiveling right seat, a huge-looking radiator and plenty of well-designed storage space to add to the comfort of the cockpit. All in all, we have discovered a lot of little ideas that make the driver more comfortable. On the negative side, the appearance of the steering wheel does not feel too modern, which has been mentioned by others and which we didn’t like, and the lack of a touchscreen multimedia system among the extras, which we feel is a big omission.

Based on the specification, the tractor is powered by a fuel-efficient engine that delivers smooth and reliable performance. The engine has been optimised for maximum efficiency and provides ample power for cargo transport. The truck’s transmission system is modern, with smooth gear changes and efficient operation. The whole powertrain is designed to be fuel-efficient, and we’ll try to make sure the truck is economical in real-world use. The engine has been optimised for maximum efficiency, improvements have been made to the pistons and injectors, and the loss of propulsion caused by the steering pump, brake air compressor, turbocharger and other equipment has been reduced. The design itself has been proven in the past, and is considered a robust and reliable engine based on numerous tests.

The tractor offers a high degree of manoeuvrability, making it easy to navigate tight corners. However, because of the high centre of gravity, you might want to be a bit more careful with it, it feels more tippy in corners than the lower built models. The truck has a tight turning radius and is equipped with advanced features such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning and emergency braking.

We think it is an exciting and innovative vehicle. We want to test it and see how it performs in real conditions. Our testing over the next few months will give you a valuable insight into the truck’s capabilities and performance, and try to give you a realistic assessment.

To sum up, the Renault Trucks T High 480 we tested is a well-assembled model that offers performance and efficiency. Its modern design, spacious cabin and advanced safety features make it a good choice. At first glance, this truck seems to be the truck of choice for any haulage company.

The point of our test and description is not necessarily to copy technical details from the factory database, so if you want to look up information on engine performance and gearbox ratio, we focus on the features that we think, overall, reflect whether or not a truck meets our expectations. Despite the fact that in terms of appearance and usability, we see the vehicle as a good choice for our tasks, it is important to say that only after a longer period of use can we say with certainty that it is the right choice based on reliability, as most companies want to build a stable operation, the most important element of which is the long-term fault-free technical condition of the fleet of vehicles in operation.

Our colleagues have already started to explore the test vehicle:

The importance of innovation and experimentation

We hope to have more opportunities in the future to gain valuable insights into the latest developments in the truck industry, and to share our results and experiences with you.

We are embarking on this testing journey, and discovering new things takes courage and a willingness to learn. The future of trucking is constantly evolving and it is essential to keep an open mind and be ready for new experiences.

Over the coming months, we will be regularly reporting on the performance of the Renault Trucks T High 480, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also share our thoughts on the design and features of the truck, and try to form an opinion on how well this type of truck meets the needs of our business.

PÓK MILÁN – Head of vehicle management

Effective maintenance and development

We take a long-term view in developing our company. We have ideas and concrete plans, and we are committed to expanding and growing.

In recent years, we have completed several real estate development projects, including the development of our Nyírbátor site and the construction of the R8 hall in Hatvan. In addition, we have installed a service base and a car wash for the maintenance of our fleet at both our Nyírbátor and Hegyeshalmi sites. We have increased the number of parking spaces available for our vehicles and are constantly improving our environment to work more efficiently.

We also intend to increase capacity and expand our range of services in response to the growing needs of our partners.

Our four existing sites are located in key industrial regions and provide excellent national coverage, playing a key role in handling export and import flows, especially to the western regions and the European Union. We now have a total of 110,00 square metres of real estate suitable for logistics services and warehousing in four different locations across the country.

Our range of machinery includes rubber-tyred and tracked earthmoving machines and tipper trucks for transporting excavated earth and construction materials such as gravel and sand, and we also own road rollers.

The continuous expansion of our own fleet of machines helps to keep the investment costs associated with our developments low and to achieve flexible working. Construction will be shorter and with fewer obstacles, as work can start almost immediately based on the plans, without having to wait for contractors and spare capacity. Machinery and expertise are always available to ensure the long-term sustainability of our current sites and the efficient implementation of our future projects.

Our long-term vision is to continue to grow steadily and expand our services. In today’s world, there are very few privately owned and truly capital-strong businesses that can be flexible enough to fully meet the needs of their partners, even from their own resources, to make the necessary capacity and value-enhancing investments.

We will continue to be at the service of our partners, keeping them informed about the life of our company, our daily activities and our ongoing developments, so that they can be the first to benefit from the new opportunities we offer and the first to benefit from the expansion of our high-quality service portfolio.

Corporate open days for our partners

We regularly organise open days for our current and prospective partners to provide a thorough introduction to our company and services, as well as to present our current ongoing developments and future plans. We provide transparency and personal contact to ensure the state of our infrastructure and the competence of our colleagues. This was also the case yesterday at our Nyírbátor site, where we hosted a day-long programme for managers from local companies. Our Sales Manager Ambrus Simonyai told the participants, among other things, that our long-term plans include the further expansion of our premises and services, for which we have the necessary background. The presentation was also attended by Sándor Szucsányi, Nyírbátori site manager, and Gábor Buborék and József Csőgör, the company’s department managers. The presentation of the bus business was of particular importance, which allowed participants to test drive three different types of vehicles.

Logistics services and rental space in Hegyeshalom

The Horváth Rudolf Logistics Park is also constantly developing and expanding, and the areas available for rent and the services we provide are also increasing. The location is ideal, right next to the Hegyeshalmi exit of the M1 motorway, 10 kilometres from both the Slovak and Austrian borders, and the hall currently covers an area of 50,000 square metres.

Logistics Services:

We offer our available capacity to our partners. Information about our specific services can be found on our website. In Hegyeshalom, we have pallet and block storage facilities available, and we provide in and out storage, stock handling and all the services that have been available by us. The necessary infrastructure, equipment and human resources are in place to ensure that our company can provide the required supportive logistical background. For more details, please contact our colleagues.

Areas for rent:

We offer our partners the possibility of renting a separate and fully enclosed area in the building, if required, in addition to their own independent operation. An area for storage or a manufacturing plant and equipment may be developed.

You can find information on both logistics services and rentals on the following page, if you are interested, go ahead, find out more about us and request a quote via our built-in messaging system.

Solar panel installation in Hatvan

The development of our newest logistics building in Hatvan is nearing completion and will soon be operational. In the final phase of the works, the solar panels were installed and the system was constructed. Right from the planning stage, we wanted to use renewable energy sources to provide the energy needed for the building and our head office. We pay special attention to our environment and work to make these investments to make it more efficient and better.

Handover of employee bicycles

In the name of healthy living, our employees have been rewarded, with 400 of the 600 bicycles ordered already delivered at the end of the year and a further 200 to arrive in early February this year.

We organised and managed the procurement from the competition to give all our colleagues the opportunity to stay healthy by providing a bicycle for daily exercise.

Of course, the bikes, which are also suitable for everyday use, were handed over to everyone in our company colours, and the Horváth Rudolf inscription was also placed in the middle of the frame, which was stickered on the middle part of the frame after delivery at the R5 logistics. The bikes are equipped with two different frame designs, meaning that both men’s and women’s models are available for our ladies and gentlemen colleagues for the ultimate in comfort and usability.

We hope that everyone will be able to use their bikes and will have the opportunity to do so, find the opportunity to ride a small or big bike for the love of exercise, to keep healthy, or just for a weekend trip or a relaxing holiday, and bring a lot of happiness to our colleagues with their new little yellow bike.