We are proud to announce that Gyöngyös Logistics is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The R1 warehouse was built in 2003.

“Gyöngyös Logistics – Your partner for optimal warehousing and logistics solutions”

Over the years, we have worked together with outstanding companies in Hungary and Europe, providing them with efficient transportation and logistics support for their operations. We take pride in the successes achieved together and consider our partners as the driving force behind our growth, continuously challenging us to develop and innovate in delivering the highest quality services.

The successes and development infrastructure achieved over the past 20 years

We are delighted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Gyöngyösi Logistics site, which has undergone significant changes and developments over the past decade. During this period, we have placed special emphasis on enhancing and maintaining the corporate infrastructure of our site to ensure efficient operations and competitiveness

The first step was a complete renovation of the interior space. The offices, meeting rooms, dining area, and social facilities were equipped with new flooring and furniture, creating a modern and pleasant working environment for our employees. The refreshed interior spaces enhance the comfort and satisfaction of our workforce.

Another significant area of development at the facility was the replacement of the machinery fleet. Over the past years, we have gradually replaced some of the old machinery with new reach trucks and counterbalance forklifts. This modernization has increased the efficiency of our storage and transportation processes, allowing our employees to perform their tasks more easily and quickly.

The expansion of the facility has also been crucial for our competitiveness. We have constructed a new tent warehouse, occupying an area of 2200 square meters. The tent warehouse features narrow-aisle racking systems and block storage spaces, enabling efficient and organized storage. This expansion has resulted in a significant increase in our capacity, allowing us to store and handle even larger quantities of goods.

The Gyöngyösi Logisztika facility proudly looks back on the past 20 years, during which we have made significant advancements in the development and maintenance of our corporate infrastructure. Through these innovations and expansions, we have improved the working environment, enhanced the efficiency of our machinery fleet, and increased our storage capacity.

Our company celebrated the round number with team-building programs.

The Gyöngyösi Logisztika site celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special team-building program. The event aimed to strengthen the relationships among employees and celebrate collective achievements, while also reminding us of the progress made at our site and the importance of maintaining our company infrastructure.

The participants first headed to the Mátra Ring go-kart track, where they engaged in exciting races against each other behind the wheels of go-karts. The moments filled with speed and adrenaline strengthened the unity of the team and fueled their competitive spirit.

After go-karting, the next activity was held at the Paintball field, where thrilling team games awaited our employees.


After everyone had rested from the “exertions,” they moved on to the neighboring Farkasmályi Regélő Borház és Csárda, and it was time for wine tasting, where participants had the chance to sample unique local wines.

The team-building day concluded with a wonderful dinner at Farkasmályi Regélő Borház és Csárda. Filled with local specialties and delicious dishes, the dinner provided an ideal opportunity for the team to gather and discuss the day’s events.

The team-building program offered a fantastic opportunity for the employees of Gyöngyösi logisztika telephely to unwind and enjoy themselves. Through active recreation and shared time, the program helped strengthen team cohesion while celebrating the 20th anniversary of our place.

Here are the photos capturing the moments of our team building program

Photos taken by: Szklenár Gergő – Gyöngyösi Raktárvezető helyettes