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Thank you for applying for our advertised position. If we find you suitable for the position, we will contact you by phone to arrange a personal interview.

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Corporate culture:

From the very beginning, hard and diligent work has been the most important value-creating activity. In line with basic social norms and values, we must and do work honestly, persistently, purposefully and actively to provide useful services that create value and best serve our partners. We expect ourselves and our colleagues to use their skills and knowledge effectively in the service of our common interests, and to look creatively and critically at the opportunities before us.

We create rules and an environment that allows ideas of excellence and innovation to flourish. We aim to operate sustainably and efficiently in the long term, providing our partners with the quality of service they expect and our colleagues with a secure background and stable jobs.

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Frequently asked questions:

Once you have applied, your details will be added to the database of applicants. The recruitment process involves the immediate supervisor of the advertised post, so we also use their input in the selection process. Candidates will therefore be contacted by the team and department heads, and selected candidates will be interviewed by telephone and an appointment made for a face-to-face meeting. If the vacancy is filled, your application will remain active for a period of one year and you will be contacted as soon as a vacancy becomes available. After one year, or at your request, your data will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The aim of careful selection is to ensure that our company has a pool of colleagues with the right skills who can quickly become a useful part of the organisation. The selection process varies depending on the number of applicants and the criteria set by the job. We assess the candidate’s competences, qualifications and previous experience against the requirements of the advertised position. During the personal interview, we want to make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit for our vision and our team.

We will send you an email confirmation immediately after the application has been submitted and recorded in the database. Selected applicants will then be contacted by telephone on a continuous basis, but no later than one week after the closing date for applications. If the vacancy is filled and the application is closed, you will be notified by email.

If you have not received a notification, you can use the contact details in the confirmation email. You can also find further contact details on our website, and to apply for jobs, we also welcome your messages and CVs by email to .


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Internationally recognised Hungarian family business at the forefront of transport and logistics. What makes us special is our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of our partners, colleagues and their families. We understand that success is not just about delivering products, but also about building relationships and creating opportunities for growth and development.

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Horváth Rudolf Foundation

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The purpose of the Foundation is to provide social support and assistance to needy and disadvantaged workers and their families, as well as to help disabled and old-age pensioners.

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